Mock Pallet Company, Inc.


Recycled* Custom Built* New* Heat Treated* Plastic

We inventory 48x40 and many other sizes and styles of pallets.

We have the largest pallet inventory in the state!

48X40 4-way GMA PALLET –standard size pallet, can be purchased several different ways:
#1 (A) 48x40 4-way recycled pallet, with no repair blocks
#2 (B) 48x40 4-way recycled pallet, with repair blocks (blocks put in where the runner has been damaged)
#3 (C) 48x40 4-way recycled pallet, low grade, repaired, but rough

#1 Grade A Like New 48x40 4-way, no repair blocks

New 48x40 4-way (Non Heat Treated)

New Heat Treated 48x40 4-way

Recycled Heat Treated 48x40 4-way

Recycled Pallets – We inventory hundreds of sizes and styles of recycled pallets in stock and ready for shipment. By purchasing recycled pallets you can save your company money and still get a good quality pallet. Recycled pallets are your green alternative and a great choice for saving money and trees, as you help the environment.“Think Green”

Custom Built Pallets –We can custom build any size and style pallet to meet your company’s specifications. We can build the pallet from new material, 100% recycled material, or a combination of the new and recycled material. We inventory large quantities of pallet material at all times to custom build your pallets.

New Pallets – We inventory many different sizes and styles of new pallets and can build any size pallet from new material to meet your company’s needs.

Heat Treated Pallets ISPM 15 – We inventory many sizes and styles of heat treated pallets. We can also build any size pallet to meet your company’s specifications and heat treat them for export shipping. Heat treated pallets will have the HT emblem stamped on both outside runners and a Heat Treat Certification Letter will accompany the pallets.

Plastic Pallets – We have various sizes and styles of recycled plastic pallets, in stock and ready for shipment. No order to small.

Crating & Boxes – We can build custom crates or boxes around your product. We also stock collapsible build-a- box systems. (31 ½ x 47 ½ x 12) This system can be used to form a box any height that you need.

Pallet Parts – We inventory all sizes of pallet boards and 2x4s and can sell you any quantity that is needed. We stock various sizes of boards and 2x4s up to 14 feet long.

*Although the 48x40 4-way is the standard size pallet there are many other sizes*

Please note that the runners or 2x4, length is always listed first then the width of the boards or slats that are on the top and the bottom of the pallet)

Other Common Pallet Sizes We Stock:
60x60 48x54 48x40 2-way 42x42 36x36 30x42
60x48 48x45 48x40 4-way 40x48 35x43 29 ½ x 29 ½
52x30 48x44 48x40 Block 40x40 33x33 CP3 & CP9
48x72 48x43 45x45 37x37 31 ½ x 47 ¾ Euro Block
48x48 48x42 44x44 36x42 31x31

Mock Pallet Company prides itself in providing our customers with quality pallets, at fair prices. All of our pallets go through our Quality Inspection Program and are inspected before going into our inventory and again before the pallets are loaded onto trailers.
We have 28 acres of concreted space, with the largest pallet inventory in the state.

Inventories, availability and pricing are subject to change.